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Smartylist is a pre-startup company with a virtual team, building an Interactive AI Technology to auto-detect most relevant data on the web to shortlist and manage them intuitively. Also building a social platform to enable global collaboration of shortlisted items. The reason why we picked this is to solve the brand new fundamental problem of managing live data on the web, and have a free-style control to shortlist them intuitively, and making them accessible even on other websites, as a brand new Universal List. This process also enriches their experience to deal with information more closely and help their day-to-day use cases across several web platforms.

This patent pending technology, will auto-discover relevant data not only on web, but pretty much on any interfaces, including on Mobile, Tablets, TV and other AR interfaces as well. Further, we are working on the vision of reorganizing the world's relevant information into shortlists, and enhance the physiological experience of the way we are dealing with the content.

In sum, the company's visions is "To reorganize the world's most-relevant information into ‘Shortlists’ in an intuitive way, and have one Universal List for websites."


Smartylist is an innovative, AI based micro-content shortlisting service to organize favorite content on the websites intuitively. It will be the next disruptive technology that gets integrated with most popular websites (like Amazon, Facebook, Flipkart, Twitter, etc., more at and help global users organize their favorite content on the web. This is the only product of its kind across the internet and also getting its patent (pending status) at international level.

Please checkout the videos for promo ( ) and live demo ( ). More information available at, and

Kickstarter Campaign

Launching the SmartyList product on Kickstarter will help us raise some funds for further crucial developments, scale and integrate with other top platforms, to help the next billions users organize their data and collaborate efficiently. Currently, we are in the Phase-I campaign, primarily focusing to integrate with top websites and platforms. If this goes successfully, the Phase-2,3 and 4 will be launched to further expand and cover the industries likes E-Commerce, Social Networks, Enterprises and more.

Kickstarter link:
Kickstarter price: Starting from $10 for three years, around 65% Discount
Regular price: Starts from $10 for one year,
Campaign start date: Sep 10, 2019
Campaign end date: Oct 15, 2019




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Pineapple Veeresh Devireddy, Founder
An ex-employee at Cisco, Apple and Ebay in Silicon Valley for almost eight years, and executed many products, and also built several popular apps with over 500k users. Back in 2015, he envision the idea of building an interactive technology that can give more control on the data and enhance the browsing experience. More details at
Pineapple Saraf Talukder, Co-Founder
An ex-employee at Microsoft, and was also VP at JPMorgan, with a solid technology, financial and business expertise. He executed OAuth and SSO authentication project at Microsoft and also developed some products on app store. More details at


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Pineapple Pineapple Pineapple Pineapple

Tag Line or Value Propositions

"We help Internet users organize better."
"The Smartest Way To Organize Your Favorite Data"
"The New Experience - SmartyList's Shortlisting"
"Smartylist, there's nothing quite like how it will shortlist live data"
"Organize your favorite data without bookmarking"
"Be More Productive With Your Favorite Data"
"Smartylist: All your favorite data in one place."
"Shortlist your favorite data, without thinking."
"Make your life easier with Smartylist to organize your data."
"Shortlist. Review. Share. Join Smartylist, the world's only intuitive Shortlist service."
"Shortlist Anything In Seconds"
"Shortlist What You Browse and See"
"The easiest way to save your favorite data while browsing."
"Shortlist everything you need. Without bookmarking."
"Some (billion) of your favorite stuff - Smartylist"
"Give a chance to. A new kind of tool to manage your favorite data."
"Shortlist Anything. Faster. Intuitively."

Product Story

For most users, it is a painful experience to save favorite data on the web. The Smartylist is a shortlisting tool that helps users organize their data live on the same webpage without switching tabs. Unlike normal bookmarking, our product is deeply integrated with various websites and automatically identifies the relevant data and gives interactive control to manage them in real-time.

For the productive users who always want better tools to organize their data, Smartylist is a Chrome Browser Extension that helps them save and manage any relevant data on the web as a Shortlist and accessible across other websites as well. It is quick, easy and intuitive. Unlike most tools, Smartylist directly works within the websites and brings additional experience to save any favorite data through interactive (automatically injected) 'Shortlist' buttons, and it significantly saves time without switching tabs.


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Veeresh Devireddy
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