SmartyList Platforms

Currently SmartyList support following 15 major platforms, and continued to add more websites soon.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The next immediate list of sites we are going to support are Gmail, Tumblr, Reddit, Amazon (.it, .ge, .es, .jp and other sites), Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Express, Alibaba, AliExpress and few other top sites.

System Design and Major Applications

The above design shows the eco-system of SmartyList and various applications, core product(browser extension), websites, users and their use cases, which solves unique set of problems of each user group (visitors, shoppers, authors, job seekers, recruiters, photographers etc) and in each domain (e-commerce, social networking, news, media, Q/A platforms, entertainment etc).

For example as shown above, with, or, an user can just be a buyer, seller, promoter, dealer, brand owner etc, and all of these users have common goal of saving any favorite product either to buy, review, share, or just save them for future. For instance, a person can Shortlist a list of groceries to buy, items to gift, and some Books to read later, and add Movies to Shortlist like a watch list. There are literally more than 100+ formats of each product being displaying on those sites, so SmartyList can easily detect all of them so users can quickly shortlist them. Now, whatever webpage or link you visit on those sites, you can shortlist any product in any format quickly. Say good bye to WishList.

As shown above, the LinkedIn professional examples includes a set of users, like readers, job seekers, HRs or recruiters. Each of them have a different purpose as a use case. A reader, just Shortlists all interesting articles to read or share later. A job seeker, would Shortlist all his potential matching jobs with an optional tags like "Java Jobs, DevOps, Amazon Jobs, Google Jobs etc". Similarly, the HRs or Recruiters would do that opposite, in which they would Shortlist LinkedIn profiles as a potential candidates for various job openings, may be with tags like "Software Candidates, Manager Profiles, Cisco Candidates, Finalist Profiles". In general, any user can shortlist any feed news, company updates, profiles, jobs, and more.

In case of Facebook and Twitter, many users have too many use cases. One would often visit those sites, either to contact a Profile, Messaging, and mostly to browse randoms feed news (plain text, photos, videos, shared articles etc). So, a set of users would Shortlist any interested feed news, another set of users would Shortlist most important profiles to contact quickly, similarly a journalist or an editor would often Shortlist related articles, text and media content, so that they can compile and produce more news. Having 2.5 billion users on Facebook and Twitter, how and what the SmartyList can let them create Shortlists for thousands of use cases is beyond comprehension.

Also, with Quora and, it is all about Questions and Answers, and Problems and Solutions. Here, there are clear set of user types. One set would ask or create a question or a problem, and they would probably Shortlist them to follow-up again until somebody responds to it. Another user group would expect Answers and Solutions to their questions or problems, and they would Shortlist all such items, to refer, review or share them later. Sometimes, a question or a problem would have multiple solutions, so the user can be Shortlist all such solutions, so it would be extremely helpful, to revisit again or to share with teams.

With Google and Yahoo News portal, most news readers would Shortlist any interested articles, so that they can read later or share, but most of the users wouldn't have a luxury time and energy to read everything whatever they glance at. Similarly, SmartyList is currently supporting other platforms like (Shortlisting photos, influencers, profiles etc.), (Shortlisting ideas designs, photos, products etc.), (Shortlisting videos, movies, playlists etc ), (Shortlisting products like in and more. In each platform, SmartyList supports all features consistently with same experience.

So, I hope now you got the clear idea, about how the SmartyList can be a most useful tools in so many contexts and use cases, while offering the consistent experience. It makes organizing the data much easier and quicker. Since it also supports cross-domains, one can review and filter all of their shortlisted items in every other websites, so you don't have to keep switching tabs and searching around. Next time onwards, you don't have to go to respective website's homepage, and search around, rather you can quickly have a look at the prepared Shortlists and follow up on them.

Basic Applications

Following are some unique set of use cases on each websites

E-Commerce Space - Amazon, Ebay, Walmart etc.

  • To be able to shortlist any product in a simple format
  • Detect multiple formats of the same product and be able to shortlist
  • Detect and shortlist items from both static and dynamically loaded HTML data
  • To detect missing attributes of the product to qualify for shortlisting
  • To prevent opening multiple tabs just to review them or purchase later
  • To prevent adding multiple items that they liked into cart to review later
  • To prevent adding to WishList that lacks any quick access to them
  • To provide extra tags or categories to their shortlisted items
  • To facilitate quick sharing of shortlisted items and collaborate with others
  • To facilitate quick review of products shortlisted from multiple e-commerce sites
  • In addition to products, it also supports Books, Videos, Movies, Musics etc
  • One most important case, it is most widely adopted and it is still weird experience is, when a user trying to purchase a single item and after adding it to cart, he may have liked other products and added them as well to the cart, as if he is going to purchase all, but after checking the cart, he would review them again, and delete rest, and eventually buy one final item. So, here we noticed two contradictory experiences, first trying to buy a single item, and on the another side he's adding more and deleting them again. This is a classic example of physiological concern. The SmartList will help users come out of this by offering a free-style experience to save and manage data as a Shortlist.

Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

  • To save and shortlist any type of feed news, updates, photo, videos and articles
  • To organize the feeds with custom tags in the shortlists
  • To help organize relevant contact in shortlist so its easy access anytime
  • You can save the message references, so you can continue the conversation later
  • You can shortlist relevant conversations and profiles which belongs to groups
  • You can track updates and news from business/product pages
  • To facilitate business opportunities (buying/selling) in marketplace

Q/A Forums - Stackoverflow, Quora etc.

  • To keep track of all relevant questions and its answers
  • To group similar answers to the same question, and even sharing them further
  • To compile and shortlist similar questions or answers as a group
  • To build a knowledge base by shortlisting relevant problems and solutions

News and Media - Google News, Yahoo News

  • Mainly to shortlist news which are important and organize them quickly
  • To read or review later if saved in shortlist
  • To quickly shortlist articles which are relevant to certain topics or matter
  • Journalist can shortlist individual pieces of information to produce new stuff
  • Marketers can shortlist related news and share with consumers

Entertainment - YouTube

  • Users can shortlist interesting videos and watch later
  • To group related videos through custom tags
  • To collaborate on shortlisted videos with family and friends

Enterprise Support

The above design shows the eco-system design of SmartList integration inside the enterprises for various business use cases.

The power of SmartyList inside your enterprise!
With SmartyList for Enterprise, get your own Shortlisting service, with flexible hosting options. Build your own technical knowledge-sharing repository of Shortlists, either confidential list of documents, formal checklists, support cases, operational steps, financial items, employee profiles, recruiting candidates and may more use cases that you can think of. It just takes few clicks to create and share Shortlists that enables the fundamental productivity and collaborative environment.

Every enterprise or a business has lot of data, whether it is inside or customer facing web applications. SmartyList can help employees or customers to shortlist and organize the data effectively. The most compelling benefits are better user experience, increased user engagement, and eventually more business.

Visit this page containing various links and possible patterns supported by SmartyList.

Check out the demo in action to see how everything works.

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