SmartyList Set To Disrupt The Way Internet Is Used

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For years, the process of bookmarking website URLs has proved painful to users who often find it cumbersome to go back and hunt for a specific URL within their list. Moreover, users can’t seem to be able to save data instantly and are forced to wait for multiple tabs to load before they can manually save their date. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), one would expect such trivial but teething issues to be addressed, and Veeresh Devireddy’s SmartyList does exactly that. 

Veeresh is a technology leader and has helped build several large-scale software products and services at companies like Cisco, Apple, and eBay Inc., over the years. His experience ranges from leveraging scalable technologies and designs to AI services. Within a short timeframe, he has built several popular products like, Bitly Extension, Dev Tools, and has made significant contributions to popular open-source projects like PhpBack.

The SmartyList is an innovative, AI-based interactive technology for UIs to add smart capabilities that process real-time data and add interactive controls to the UI to help users save and manage their favorite and relevant content. In 2017, Veeresh extended the seminal idea of saving a small piece of information on the web, into incorporating additional controls over it, finding its relevance, embedding interactive elements (buttons), and adding an extra layer of a UI container that holds favorite information being shortlisted on the same page. Even further, SmartyList was enhanced to support cross-domain shortlisting, which means users can add, manage and review their favorite information from other websites as well. This led to the concept of a new Universal List that can be integrated with cross-websites, and help users find their favorite information all-in-one place, without switching tabs.

Overall, Smartylist is a Chrome Browser Extension that helps save and manage any relevant data on the web as a ‘Shortlist’. Unlike most tools, Smartylist directly works within the websites and brings additional experience to save any favorite data through automatically injected ‘Shortlist’ buttons, which significantly saves time without switching tabs.

Currently, the core product is a browser extension for Chrome and serves all of its features. In the near future, the team is also releasing its mobile apps to access the shortlisted information in their flexible time. Further, the company is also building a fresh social networking platform where global users can exchange and collaborate with shortlists which are public. Their users can create their own dashboards and browse their private shortlists as well.

SmartyList aims to help users do away with the need for bookmarking, digging through notes, opening tabs, and searching around for favorite and important web information. For every person on the internet, SmartyList makes it easy to shortlist any relevant information in real-time while browsing and helps to manage them intuitively. While this transformation continues on the internet, the founder Veeresh Devireddy will be at the forefront of Interactive AI technology to build the next internet experience.

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