SmartyList – Internet’s Latest AI-based Technology Set To Redefine Your Browsing Experience

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Veeresh Devireddy, founder of SmartyList and National Level Awardee from the Computer Society of India (CSI) is set to revolutionize online browsing through a concept that aims to  reorganize the internet’s most-relevant information into ‘Shortlists’ in an intuitive way. The company’s product and its unique selling proposition is slated to emerge as a pleasant surprise for all those who use the internet daily. Veeresh, born in Karnataka, gained impeccable academic records and then went on to achieve international technology exposure in the USA, at Cisco, Apple, and eBay. Upon his return to India, he set out on his entrepreneurial pursuit to redefine the way internet users surf or in other words, browse the web and deal with their data. 

Veeresh knew that every internet user, be it a shopper, reader, professional, homemaker or a student, found the browsing experience cumbersome and lengthy. Further, most users often lamented on the lack of control over their data and hence, he decided to develop a solution using technology that would not only create a seamless experience but go one step further by sourcing information and compiling it into shortlists. He quickly realized the potential of this tool and figured a way of integrating it within the browser itself. Backed by his academic prowess and practical exposure, he brought his idea to reality and is now making the online browsing experience simpler for billions worldwide. SmartyList is a one-of-its-kind tool that is futuristic and capable of detecting various patterns of data like products, photos, videos, news, questions, answers, jobs, etc. on the web, and helps users to save and organize them on the same page intuitively.

In early 2017, the tool was brought to life based on an interactive technology that was integrated into the user interface (UI), which in this case, was a web browser and offered a shortlisting service that helped users organize their data live on the same webpage without switching tabs, using interactive ‘Shortlist’ buttons. What followed was an enhancement with AI to further detect relevant data and place a ‘Shortlist’ button to ease the process of saving them faster. So far, this is a one-of-its-kind technology and service that can enhance the browsing experience at the grassroots level on UI, as well as an out-of-the-box solution for all types of users across the internet.

SmaryList’s USP is that it is integrated with the most sought-after and major platforms like,, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, eBay, Pinterest, Quora, and other top sites. Every user opens multiple tabs and windows while browsing through these websites and SmartyList will now make the process even simpler. Ultimately, the goal is to create a new Universal List for all web portals, and replace traditional browsing methods such as bookmarking, taking notes, emailing, and other methods. It’s patent-pending technology, broadly covers the method of auto-discovery of relevant data not only on the web but pretty much on any user interfaces, including on Mobile, Tablets, TV and other AR interfaces as well.

Speaking about this vision, Veeresh remarked, “The reactive result of resolving fundamental problems and bringing core values out will create a disruptive phenomenon, as SmartyList is doing, and as also proved by Google, Facebook, Uber, etc.”. The degree of innovation and depth of its solutions would surely create a positive impact on the global internet space, as we anticipate this journey of fun-filled browsing. 

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