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    An Awesome ShortList
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    Helps you organize any pattern of data
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Smartylist Chrome Extension Manages Your Favorite Micro-Content (Data/Products/Links) Most Efficiently

Easy Setup

Install it in the browser and it automatically starts mapping data and manage further

Shortlist Items

Click on 'Shortlist' buttons and save them to its overlay panel

Manage Effeciently

Add custom categories to any data-items or products

New Perspective

A new discipline of managing micro-data than full-web-text and focus on the organised list


Learn more about this feature packed Chrome Extension

Auto-detect the items

To help you add items quickly.

Drag and Drop

You can keep it anywhere on the page


Integrated Notifications keep you updated

Unlimited items

Manage as many items as you want.

Delete Individual Items

Easy to delete individual items added

Delete All

One click to clean up by this option

Custom Categories

Create your own categories

Search Fast

Search your items real quick

Login and Sync

Save and Sync our items among other devices

Sharing on FB, TW, LI

Share your lists with friends and relatives

Backup and Recovery

We take care of it

Future Updates

Keeps you updated with latest features

Use Cases

Micro-content Management

  • It's an ultimate list across sites
  • It focuses on data what users really care
  • It saves users' data but not whole website's
  • Helps save data instantly
  • Meaningful content tagging, not just bookmarks

Everything is organized list

  • Shortlist manages exploding content
  • Users can re-use the organized short-lists'
  • Manually curated data-list, not by robots
  • Google ranks the content, Shortlist organize them
  • Need for real-time content identification to organize

Browsing Perspectives

  • Users doesn't need to scroll for content every time
  • Focuses shifts from full content scan to just Shortlist
  • Freedom to save any micro-content that users like
  • Don't have to open too many tabs, now all in list
  • Better productivity and Less stress on content


  • Helps identify different formats of same products
  • Unlike Wishlist, one can add items from any page
  • More freedom to just add products you like
  • Quickly compare in same page or site
  • When no time to buy, just save them in Shortlist

Social Networks

  • Helps manage all posts in one place
  • Instantly save your photos/videos in Shortlist
  • Don't have to miss anything from endless news feed
  • Share multiple content items, not just 1-to-1 sharing
  • Save Tweets and Use them while Re-tweeting

Universal Micro-content(Vision)

  • Ability to customize data detection
  • Auto-save relevant micro-data
  • Ability to manage virtually every type of data
  • Derive decisions based on semantic data/Shortlist
  • Communication through Shortlist, not full content

News, Media and Forums

  • Save news feeds when no time to read
  • Manage news content rom multiple sources
  • Share multiple content items, not just 1-to-1 sharing
  • Collaborate with any social data feed
  • It helps multi-news-feed marketing

Search Results, Q/A and Coding

  • Organized search engine results without ranks
  • Save important Questions/Answers
  • Never miss valuable search result items
  • Save important code repositories and source files
  • One list of everything instead of multiple tabs

Management, Teams and Tools

  • It can index enterprise data for collaborative access
  • Track Tickets, Cases, Records right from Shortlist
  • Keep most frequent Cases/Records right in front
  • Group your items and collaborate with teams
  • Applies to most IT, BPO and Support companies

Check out these for more use cases and examples.


See how the items are detected and organized with Shortlist buttons and panel

Checkout more screenshots at http://smartylist.com/gallery/ for 15+ major platforms

Promo Video

Take a closer look in more detail

Find Your Items

See what content/items are ready to Shortlist

Saving Items Instantly

Click on "+Shortlist" to save them in your SmartyList panel

Optional Categories

Add your custom categories to organize even better

Browser Your Items

Browse your items, search, clicks and do more

Check out the live product demo on the websites at

SmartyList App

Explore Your Favorite Content Through SmartyList

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SmartyList on iOS and Android
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Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

“SmartyList does wonder by automatically tagging the micro-content in realtime!”

- Krin Fox

“A new experience to quickly save my products, news and any small piece information.”

- Theodore Willis

"Interestingly addictive app that saves my time and organizes my relevant information”

- Ricky Grant