SmartyList – An Intuitive Cross-domain Shortlisting Service

An innovative and impactful idea is set to revolutionize the way we browse online for favorite data and aims to reorganize the internet’s most-relevant information into ‘Shortlists’ in an intuitive way.

SmartyList is a brand new Universal List that can get integrated with most popular websites like Amazon.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and other top sites, and let users shortlist favorite or relevant data (AI-detected) through interactive buttons called ‘Shortlist’.  The problem of global internet users is having no control over the micro-content (not full page) of the websites for their use cases, apart from routine browsing. The Smartylist addresses this problem by building a multi-website integrated solution that will synchronize all of the favorite data in one place, and enrich their experience.  As an experience, SmartyList gives the new physiological freedom on the web to quickly save any piece of information and making users more organized.

Whether the user is browsing Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or anything, the SmartyList helps them save any favorite information on the fly in one place as Shortlist and it is accessible on cross-domains in real-time. For example, a user can intuitively shortlist products, social feeds, tweets, photos, videos, news, questions, answers, jobs, user profiles, and even custom data, all in one place as Shortlist. These are for real-world applications which will immensely help regular internet users, shoppers, journalists, students, employees, HRs, recruiters, business and media agents, and roughly the next billion users who are looking for smarter and efficient ways to consume the information and collaborate seamlessly, through the shortlists.

Technically, most web pages contain lots of information, and only some part is required for users, and the rest (like ads, marketing data, header and footer information, etc.) is ignored.  But, the required information (product, news, tweets, etc.,) is available in numerous formats by a combination of key information like Titles, Description, Photos, Links, Type, Stars, Position, etc.  SmartyList solves this complicated problem using Artificial Intelligence (AI), by identifying the valid and yet most relevant data to users and makes them shortlistable through interactive buttons ‘Shortlist’, so the user can simply click and shortlist them live on the same page.

For example, on e-commerce sites (Ex: Amazon.com, Ebay.com), users can shortlist products, and on social networks (Ex: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) they can shortlist any feeds, like plaintext, photos, videos, etc., similarly on News sites(Ex: Google, Yahoo), users can shortlist any news and read it later, and on sites like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., they can shortlist any video and photo for later use. In sum, Shortlist holds all of these in one place and make them accessible across other websites seamlessly. More examples at http://smartylist.com/platforms.html.

Veeresh Devireddy